Rollers and Crystals: That Turquoise in There is Poisoning You

Alright folks, let’s talk Crystals and Oils.

They are all the rage! As they should be...

People are turning to the geological balancing benefits from Crystals and the natural plant power from Oils and having some pretty amazing, supportive results! Pair the two together and it’s like a double whammy of all those good vibrations and ju ju we all so desperately need!

Here is where we are doing so SO well, friends. Most of us have totally jumped on the oil bandwagon.

(And if you haven’t? What are you waiting for? Seriously..message me!)

We are learning what oils to use for what physical or emotional ailment, we are learning about how they are sourced, we are telling our friends and family...BUT MOST importantly…

Oils (doTERRA) are starting to be used in the medical community!

NOW...Crystals? Still a little woo woo and hocus pocus to the common folk. Still considered pseudoscience. And not as known...yet.

Nonetheless they STILL need to be taken seriously!

And for those of you who already use them, don’t you want to be educated on them like you are your Oils?

Crystals and Minerals generate, store and radiate Earth’s energy. Straight up.

I believe in their power strongly due to the Law of Entrainment. Crystals have a pure energy that maintain a constant vibration. Unlike us. Our body ebbs and flows and is most the time energetically out of whack. So naturally wouldn’t you want to have some Crystals or Gemstones in YOUR possession to help balance yourself out? Especially once you start learning about each ones individual healing properties?

Now imagine pairing them with your oils. Talk about a powerhouse, eh?

...but you can’t just mix any ‘ol crystal in your oil. Seriously...

***TOXICITY may OCCUR if you don’t know what you are doing.***

*Certain crystals may actually be toxic, leach minerals or dissolve in water or oil!!!*

-Amazonite and Turquoise: contains poisonous/toxic Copper

-Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Labradorite: contains Aluminum

-Hematite: will rust when in liquid for prolonged period

-Lapis Lazuli: contains Sulphur and Pyrite

...and this doesn’t even put a dent on the Crystals and Gems that cannot be put directly in liquid!

It doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy or benefit from them! And I’m not trying to scare you! My intention here is education.

Lucky for you, I’m hosting a 7 week Crystals and Oils: Chakra Series!!

Want to learn more about Crystals and Gemstones?

Want to learn more about Elixirs?

Want to learn how to balance your Chakras: like whether or not you are deficient or excessive based off of your current physical stature?

And what Oils can even you?

Last year I had a super successful Crystal and Oils class! We were gearing to do more due to the positive response! And then I was struck with a roooooough pregnancy, but I’m baaaaaack!!

I’m pairing up with the restaurant Mesa Luna AGAIN!! They will offer drink and food specials for you!

Stay tuned for details and like this post and share with your friends!